Saturday, December  17  Escape Room Outing ($15)

Sunday, December 18      Christmas Progressive Dinner


****All activities require a permission slip (every event) and a current medical form (annually) located here.******

Please email Jason @ jrenault@orangeparkumc.org if you are planning to attend.


Wednesdays @ 6:15pm - 7:30pm  Small Groups/Band practice

On Wednesday nights we have life groups and band practice from 6:00pm - 7:30pm. 


Sunday Night Schedule

4:30pm TLC/Youth Choir

5:30pm Dinner in Gym (All youth)

6:00pm to 7:30pm Worship/Games and Study in the Park Square rooms



We are the youth ministry (7th - 12th grade) of Orange Park United Methodist Church.  This is a vibrant, welcoming and fun gathering of teens from throughout the Clay County area who are growing in their faith and building meaningful friendships.



Clayhouse Serves. One of the key pieces of who we are revolves around serving.  We endeavour to engage our students with the idea of putting others first while maintaining a healthy self image.  Community projects, visiting the marginalized and meeting the needs of people who cannot are all parts of this.



Our mission is all about connection.
We aim to connect teens to God through meaningful worship and programs, to connect them to their faith community through fellowship, and to connect them to the world through service opportunities. If we can do those three things we should be making some pretty powerful disciples.